Entheogenic Integration Circle

A sacred space for women to honor our experiences
in non-ordinary states of consciousness

Monthly meetings | Every 2nd Monday | Honolulu

“There is a coming home. A home base. Psychedelics help you reconnect with home.” — Ann Shulgin

Women’s Entheogenic Integration Group

The Women’s Entheogenic Integration Circle is a sacred space for women to honor our experiences in non-ordinary states of consciousness. Entheogenic experiences serve as potent catalysts for growth, healing, and new inspiration, provided they are practiced with intention, safety, and support.

By sharing our stories, wisdom, and best practices, we tap into the universality of the human condition and generations of wisdom. This is an opportunity to deepen our connection with these profound journeys, exchange insights, and integrate personal material more deeply into our lives, while joining in a community of fellow women who personally understand these experiences.

Integration Circles are dedicated solely to discussion and integration activities; no entheogens are involved. Please understand that solicitation of entheogens or psychedelics is not allowed.

​What to expect

You can expect a flow of somatic practices to ground us in sacred space, followed by practical questions and personal sharing. Diversity in practices and spiritual beliefs will be met with curiosity and respect, while also considering safety.

Bring your stories, questions, wisdom and heart!

Karen Baker, the Integration Guide

As an integration guide, I bring a mix of professional expertise and personal insight. As a fellow voyager, guides and expanded states have been integral to my own personal growth journey, spanning over 2 decades. My educational and professional background includes somatics, depth psychology, medicine work, yoga and meditation.

My style of holding space is feminine in nature, and has been shaped by many different healing lineages. I offer these circles as a sacred space for women to join with eachother in the unknown, to harvest the truths of own lived experiences, for individual and collective healing and growth.



• Small group of 8 participants
• Must identify as a woman and be 18+


Honolulu Hawaii
• Address will be provided at time of RSVP

GROUP DATES for 2024

Every 2nd Monday of Each Month: 6-7:30pm
September 9
October 14
November 11
December 9


$25 / Meeting
• Payment is due at time of RSVP

PLEASE NOTE: This group does not provide entheogens and solicitation of entheogens is not allowed.

GUIDELINES for Entheogenic Integration Group

Please arrive on-time, as the group meeting starts promptly at 6pm. The door will remain open until 6:10 after which the circle entrance will be closed.

Our time together will include a brief grounding practice to help us fully arrive together, followed by about 20-minutes for discussion of practical / safety matters, and an hour of personal sharing and integration. During the hour portion, participants can clarify what type of support they would like from the group (witnessing, sharing mutual experiences, practical integration tools, general wisdom). Time generally allows for 3-4 participants to share and receive support.

This space is confidential – meaning what is shared within the circle stays within the circle. In order to maintain safety for the work to happen, confidentiality must be honored always.

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