Somatic Consultation
for Therapists and Coaches

Deepen your understanding and integration of somatic approaches into your practice

August 2024 | 4 Consecutive Weeks | Honolulu

“With this self knowledge, we learn to grow in presence, to be grounded in ourselves, and to sustain our process in relationship with others. Growing ourselves then, is not a state of mind, but a state of the somatic entity.” ~ Stanley Keleman

The Somatic Consultation Group’s Purpose

This group offers professional somatic consultation and peer support for therapists and coaches seeking to deepen their understanding and integration of somatic approaches into their practice.

As therapists and coaches, we bear witness to the profound effects of trauma in our clients’ lives. We understand firsthand that trauma can impact every aspect of a person’s being – their mind, body, spirit, and relationships. We also know that no method works for everyone, and the more nuanced tools we have, the more we can help.

In the journey toward healing and personal growth, body-centered modalities play a crucial role in enhancing the effectiveness of cognitive and transpersonal approaches to therapy and coaching.

Through experiential exercises, case consultation, and ethical considerations, participants can personally and professionally explore the intersection of neuroscience and body-based interventions with other modalities, gaining practical skills and confidence to effectively address trauma somatically and promote holistic healing.

All theoretical backgrounds are welcome in this group.

“The body always leads us home . . . if we can simply learn to trust sensation and stay with it long enough for it to reveal appropriate action, movement, insight, or feeling. “ ~ Pat Ogden

Somatic Countertransference and Somatic Interventions

Understanding your own somatic countertransference and utilizing somatic interventions can provide clarity in situations that feel opaque, out of control, or confusing. People often seek me out for my ability to guide you in understanding your somatic countertransference and because I can translate nervous system function and trauma theory into familiar language, providing a bridge between science and healing modalities. Additionally, with decades of professional expertise in both mental health and somatic therapies, I serve as a valuable resource for practitioners navigating the nuances of touchwork in their practice and managing boundaries with their clients.

Karen Baker, LMFT, the Integration Guide

My consultation style focuses on supporting therapists and coaches to think psychologically, feel emotionally, and embody a deep state of presence in their work. I encourage you to explore not only the interventions you provide but also how your own psychology influences your practice (relational style, body language, unconscious self-expression).

I aim to cultivate an environment where you feel comfortable being vulnerable and engaging in deep personal reflection, as well as case explorations, to support your professional growth.

I offer individual and group consultation for healing practitioners seeking to strengthen their clinical work through a somatic lens.

Please be in touch if you’re interested in individual consultation or if you cannot make the upcoming group series.



• Small group of 4 practitioners


This group is for coaches and therapists with established practices, working in person.

This group cannot fulfill licensure supervision requirements.

An initial screening call is required to determine eligibility.


Honolulu Hawaii
• Address will be provided at time of Registration

GROUP DATES for 2024

4 consecutive weeks
• August 6, 13, 20, 27 2024
• Tuesdays @ 10:30am-12:30pm HST


Cost is $75 / session, $300 per 4-session series.
Total cost is due 1-week prior to the first session.

When registering for the consultation group, please plan to attend all 4 dates in a series.

Payment is expected for the full 4-session series, regardless of sessions missed.

GUIDELINES for Somatic Consultation Group

Each group session will begin with a somatic exercise, allowing us to drop in together through co-regulation and build upon our individual experiences with somatic interventions. After the initial exercise, we’ll rotate through brief check-ins to determine the inquiries each practitioner wishes to explore. Check-ins will focus on professional process and client material. Following the check-ins, each participant will have 20-30 minutes to delve into their material and receive consultation.

This is a closed group and confidentiality is required. 

You are welcome to repeat a 4-session series indefinitely.

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