Holistic Sex Therapy | California

Sexual health, satisfaction, and well-being

Holistic Sex Therapy promotes sexual health, satisfaction, and well-being by addressing the psychological, emotional, and relational aspects of sexuality — one of the most taboo topics in our culture. In this therapeutic space, you can feel free to talk about your desires, challenges, fantasies and pain with the support of an empathetic guide.

Holistic Sex Therapy for individuals in support around:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender expression
  • Sexual abuse and trauma
  • Kink and sexual expression
  • Sexual Shame
  • Barriers toward pleasure
  • Sexual-spiritual awakening

What to expect in the process of Holistic Sex Therapy:

Together we will look into the aspect(s) of your sexuality that are calling for your attention and identify your treatment goals. While the flow of this process will be shaped by the nature of your goal(s), our work will include a spectrum of talk and experiential exercises.

These exercises explore your embodied experience utilizing: Breathwork, Mindfulness, Sensate focus, Visualization and Visual Art.

Embracing what arises

It is common for non-sexual content to arise as well in the process of holistic sex therapy. Whatever arises in this process is integral to your growth and well-being, and all of it is welcomed.

Sexuality and sexual expression are intersectional domains, and therefore issues pertaining to the following may arise in our work together as well:

  • Gender – expression, roles, norms
  • Race
  • Cultural norms
  • Body size and shape
  • Trauma

If you are partnered, we may include your partner(s) in session at times, in service to your individual process.

Eroticism challenges us to seek a different kind of resolution, to surrender to the unknown and ungraspable, and to breach the confines of the rational world. ~ Ester Perel

What are the Boundaries in Sex Therapy?

The boundaries in sex therapy are no different from other types of mental health therapies. Our time is limited to the scheduled session length and the focus of this time is solely on your individual growth process. All topics are welcome to explore with your therapist, even those that feel taboo, as this is a safe, non-judgemental space. That said, explorations will never include participating in a sexual act in front of, or with, your therapist. Sexual contact or exchange of sexual energy are never part of a psychotherapeutic process. Nudity and sharing of personal pornography are also excluded in the practice of sex therapy.

Scheduling Holistic Sex Therapy in California

Sex Therapy sessions are exclusively available to adult individuals residing in the state of California.

Sessions are conducted via telehealth only, offering both video and phone options. Both options adhere to strict confidentiality and HIPAA compliant standards.

If you reside outside of California and wish to explore working together, holistic coaching may be an option.

50-minute session $250   |   80-minute session $350
Sliding scale rates may be available if finances are a barrier to working together. Let’s talk about it.

I do not accept any forms of insurance coverage.
If your insurance coverage includes “out of network providers”, I can provide a superbill.