Holistic Personal Coaching

Would you love to design a life that’s fun, balanced and fulfilling?
Are you ready to awaken your inner spark and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and revitalization?

Define Your Personal Growth Goals

Holistic Coaching offers an integrative approach to personal growth and development. It blends the more traditional goal-oriented life coaching approaches with body-centered practices. This recipe mixes the wisdom contained in your body and mind to unveil true authenticity in purpose, develop confidence and create a balanced life that supports your well-being.

Together, we will identify what is and isn’t working in your life and what dreams you’re ready to revive. It’s time to make a change.

Expect an Expanded Sense of Self

Choosing holistic life coaching means choosing to grow more fully into your authentic self. As the process of change gains traction, you can expect a domino effect on other areas of your life. Not only will you reach your intended goals, you will reap unexpected benefits. This happens because all aspects of ourselves are interconnected and by tuning into bodily sensations and somatic cues, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors and desires. 

Holistic practices also enhance emotional resilience and overall well-being. Regardless of what your unique goal(s) are, a holistic life coaching process will evolve your ability to manage stressors and navigate life’s challenges with greater ease and adaptability, leaving you more resilient in the face of all of life’s challenges.

Your Personal Growth Journey

We are all works in progress! People usually come to coaching with a specific goal in mind and through the process discover other areas, often unexpected, that are calling for attention. Know that while this path is goal-oriented, it is not linear. The process can end after your initial goal(s) are met, or we can continue on toward new ones – the choice is completely yours.

All goals are welcome here! Whether you’re aiming for a major life transformation or seeking clarity on a specific aspect of your life, your aspirations are honored and supported here. There’s no judgment or expectation of what your goals should be. Instead, the coaching process is a collaborative journey where we work together to define and pursue what truly matters to you. Your dreams, no matter how unconventional or ambitious, are valued and celebrated as essential parts of your unique path to growth and fulfillment.

Whatever it is you’re working on in your life, I’m here to help. Stepping into a guided growth process is a brave, vulnerable act – you should be proud of yourself – and know it is normal to be nervous or even self-conscious. Those feelings are actually part of the process and fuel for your growth. You can take comfort knowing that all parts of you and your dreams will be honored with compassion and joy here.

Rediscover Your Self

Let’s explore what is calling for change in your life, and how that is showing up. 
For some of us, the need for change looks like a physical health crisis and for others it can feel like an emotional crisis that impacts relationships, sleep, and / or sense of purpose. Instead of looking at your challenge(s) as something negative, we’ll explore the deeper calling within it. You’ll find, that these things we call challenges, are also the fuel for personal growth and development.

Whether you’re seeking change in your career, relationships or overall health and well-being, I’m here to walk alongside you. As a coach, I offer support, guidance, and curiosity, along with perspective cultivated over decades of studying human nature and healing. My professional expertise is offered alongside decades of walking my own growth path as well!

In this process, you can expect to refine the shape and direction of your life – in one or multiple aspects. As a coach, I see my role as one of guide, not advisor. I believe the answers you seek are within you, you just need some help navigating your way to them.

Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable. ~ Mary Oliver

What to Expect through a Holistic Personal Coaching Process

Like nature, we too have rhythms and seasons. Coaching is most effective on a weekly cadence, for a minimum season of 3-months.

You decide how many seasons it takes to arrive at your desired outcome(s). We will re-evaluate our flow at the end of each 3-month cycle, honoring goals that have been met and naming the new ones being revealed.

You can expect a variety of talking, along with somatic and creative explorations. 
These explorations may include: 
Breathwork, Guided Imagery, Body Scanning, Gentle Yoga Postures, Self-Touch, Journaling, Authentic Movement, Visual Art, Non-Verbal Communication, Active Imagination, Tarot & Oracle Cards.

Each session is unique. Together, we’ll learn what works best for you and develop the right flow.

Mental Health Disclaimer: Holistic Life Coaching is not psychotherapy. Holistic Life Coaching is suited for personal development and growth, and is not a treatment for mental health disorders. If you are not sure if you have a mental health disorder, it is best to begin with a licensed therapist.

Scheduling Personal Coaching in Hawaii

Holistic Coaching sessions are available in-person in Honolulu, as well as online.

For in-person appointments, my office address will be given when your appointment time is confirmed.

50-minute Session $200

1 Season – 10 sessions to be used within 3-months $1,700 ($300 savings)
2 Seasons – 20 sessions to be used within 6-months $3,500 ($500 savings)