Couples Intimacy Coaching | Hawaii

Take Your Love to New Heights

Are you looking to nurture and strengthen your emotional bond with your partner?
Are you and your partner curious about making your sex life more satisfying?
Are you and your partner trying to find creative ways to make quality-time that is distraction-free? 


Holistic Approach to Couples Intimacy Coaching

In Couples Intimacy Coaching we start by defining areas of focus – broad intentions and specific goals.

Sessions are experiential – meaning there will be talking and also somatic and energetic exercises to expand on how you understand yourself and your partner individually, and how you relate as a couple. Through the process, you will expand your embodied senses, while learning to express your needs and hear your partner’s more effectively, ultimately fostering deeper connection, trust, and passion.

Discover, Expand and Evolve your Relationship

There is no one-size-fits-all approach in creating lasting change – the cadence and timeline of couples intimacy coaching is individualized to each couple. While the length of your coaching journey cannot be predicted, the end-point is clear when your goals have been met.

Along the way you can expect to discover more ease in daily life with your partner, improved communication, deepening emotional intimacy and dynamic erotic play.
Relationships, like individuals, evolve with new experiences, expanded awareness, and daring to dream new dreams. When we nurture these aspects with holistic approach, all dimensions of intimacy are enriched.

If the idea of having an intimacy coach makes you nervous, you’re not alone. Admitting that there is room to improve in your relationship, particularly around intimacy, takes courage. While couples intimacy coaching focuses on enhancing erotic connection, sessions will never involve sexual contact. Relationships, like individuals, evolve with new experiences, expanded awareness, and daring to dream new dreams. When we nurture these aspects, all dimensions of intimacy are enriched.

“The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships.”
~ Esther Perel

Begin Intimacy Coaching With Clear Expectations

Each couple embarks on the journey of couples intimacy coaching for their own unique reasons. As we begin this journey together, the first step is to explore why you’re here and set appropriate goals. This way, we have clarity on where we’re beginning and where we’ll end. Along the way, there are 4 key aspects that keep us moving forward.


Are you interested in deepening your understanding and connection with your partner’s emotional states, needs, and experiences?

Through guided dialogue and somatic exercises, you will cultivate a new level of attention, fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s emotional states, needs, and experiences. This fosters greater emotional connection, leading to more vulnerable communication, trust, and openness.

Improved Communication

Are you tired of misunderstandings and miscommunication in your relationship?

Relationships can be messy, so communication is crucial to surviving the inevitable rough patches. As an intimacy coach, I guide you in expressing yourself more vulnerably and listening with a more open mind and heart. Through verbal and somatic exercises, you’ll each learn to express yourself – emotions, needs and desires with confidence. You will also enhance your ability to listen to your partner with curiosity, and less judgment or defensiveness. When both of you are feeling seen and heard, everything becomes possible.

Deepening Emotional Understanding of One Another

Do you find yourself longing for a deeper emotional connection with your partner?

It is common for couples to struggle with emotional intimacy and connection. Wounds from family dynamics in childhood, cultural norms, past heartbreaks and other emotional scars can cause us to become self-protective. This can really take a toll on relationships.

In our intimacy coaching sessions, we’ll address these challenges with empathy and curiosity. I will guide you through exploring personal histories and current points of conflict to better understand each other’s points of view. Through experiential exercises, you will learn first hand how things can feel different. By fostering vulnerability, empathy, and confidence, you and your partner will develop the essential skills needed to strengthen your bond and navigate challenges with greater compassion and resilience.

This transformative process is designed to not only deepen your emotional connection but also to foster a sense of security and trust within your relationship.

Enhancing Passion and Romance

Do you struggle to express your intimate desires to your partner?

While couples intimacy coaching focuses on exploring and enhancing your sensual and erotic connection, sessions will never involve sexual contact.

Through somatic practices and open dialogue, you will gain a deeper understanding of your sensual and erotic selves, enriching your shared romantic and erotic connection. These insights pave the way for more nuanced conversation, in which you might explore turn-ons and turn-offs, boundaries and fantasies.

By delving into your individual experiences of pleasure and connection with each other, you learn to better know your erotic flow as a couple.

Find Your Rhythm

Like nature, we too have rhythms for change and growth. 
Coaching is most effective on a weekly cadence, for a minimum of 4-weeks. That said, sessions are scheduled at the cadence that feels right for you, for the duration needed to reach your goals. Packages are available to help with defining the duration of our journey together, and may be repeated for a longer period of growth.

Couples Intimacy Coaching sessions are 80-minutes in length.

Mental Health Disclaimer: Couples Intimacy Coaching is not a replacement for couples therapy. If you are struggling with feelings of contempt, abusive dynamics, or considering break-up / divorce, please begin with a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Scheduling Couples Intimacy Coaching in Hawaii

Sessions are 60-minutes in length.
Retreat style, day-long sessions are available as well. Inquire directly for rates.

Couples Intimacy Coaching sessions are available in-person, in Honolulu.
My office address will be given when your appointment time is confirmed.


First Date: Single Session $250
Getting Acquainted: 4-Sessions (to be used within 6 weeks) $850
Committed: 12-Session Package (to be used within 14 weeks) $2,700